Mortgage Under Management

When it the last time you had a mortgage review? We’ll help you effortlessly create and management your personalized plan.

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Initial Mortgage Review

Out of the gate, a Mortgage Planner reviews your current loan structure and strategy in comparison to the current market. They’ll consider your financial goals and lifestyle needs to help you achieve what is most important.

Relevant Mortgage Trends

After your loan closes, our work doesn’t end. We’ll provide monthly market insights and quarterly rate monitoring to help you compare your interest rate to the market. Our goal is to make sure you always have the lowest cost mortgage the market has to offer.

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Annual Mortgage Review

Your financial situation is likely to change from time to time. As your Mortgage Planner, it’s my role to help you monitor these changes as needed through an annual conversation. Most often, this process involves periodic assessments of cash flow needs, changing interest rates, housing market conditions, family changes and life events.

How to Get Started

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